Top tips when choosing the right technology for your poultry business

As the poultry supply chain experiences a rise in demand for transparency and traceability from farm to fork, technology is providing producers with new options to monitor and improve bird welfare and their environment.

Choosing the right technology that allows producers to align their business’ vision with improving the efficiency of poultry production can be transformative, but what should you be looking for when choosing the technology to implement in your poultry sheds?

Selecting a solution that collates real-time data

Real-time data from 24/7 monitoring, provides producers with invaluable decision-making assistance.  With a range of quality data being routinely collected, producers can quickly and easily identify issues that arise inside their sheds, as well as establish trends that occur across different crops in order to improve overall bird performance. Read more about how real-time data is set to transform the poultry industry.

Simple analytics

As an extension of your team, technology can provide a new dimension to data collection. Easily interpretable data shown on the Poultry Sense interface provides concise information that can be used by the whole team to make data driven improvements across the business. Producers are able to share these data reports with external parties, such as vets and nutritionists, who can use the insight to make recommendations that will further enhance sustainability and performance.

Remote access

The ability to access real-time data remotely, 24/7, from anywhere in the world provides a greater degree of flexibility to poultry management with no accessibility limits. Data collected from across different poultry sites and houses can be easily compared side-by-side in the comfort of the farm office which helps to relieve the pressures of being present and travelling between sites. Data collated from different flocks can also be used to establish benchmarks and improve long-term production and management parameters.

Expert advise

Professional advice from industry experts will help elevate the quality of your business management and strategy. Poultry Sense has a consultancy team made-up of nutritionists and veterinary professionals on hand to provide tailored recommendations for your business.