New Real-Time Monitoring Technology Will Provide Full Traceability for the Poultry Sector

MSD Animal Health, a division of Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, N.J., USA (NYSE:MRK), has today announced the launch of the SenseHub™ Poultry solution. This real-time monitoring technology is now available for producers and is set to transform the degree of visibility throughout the poultry supply chain.

Alan Beynon, managing director of SenseHub™ Poultry, says, “Retailers and processors are facing increasing pressure from consumers who want to understand more and more about where their food comes from, how it is produced and the environmental impact of production.

“Using real-time data to make informed decisions will allow producers to improve bird performance as well as support supply chain traceability and transparency. Which is where our new IoT (Internet of Things) solution, SenseHub™ Poultry, comes into play,” he explains.  

“This solution has the ability to fit into the food blockchain, allowing targeted, optimised, highly accurate data that cannot be modified, to be recorded from farm to fork – something consumers are crying out for,” adds Mr Beynon.

SenseHub™ Poultry is made up of numerous battery-powered wireless sensors which capture real-time data across both environmental and performance parameters throughout poultry houses. This includes bird weight, air pressure, humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide.

This data is then fed directly into an analytics platform that is driven by artificial intelligence, providing easy to interpret data, which producers and advisers can use to help accurately predict flock health, enhance performance and improve on-farm sustainability.

 “The improvements in transparency, traceability and efficiency seen throughout the supply chain by installing this solution at a farm level, will be fundamental in improving the sustainability of poultry production,” he concludes

This exciting new technology is now commercially available and ready to be deployed on poultry farms across the UK. For more information, email: