Real-time data that provides real insight into your flock performance

SenseHub™ Poultry provides farmers with proven hardware and software technology solutions capable of capturing real-time data to increase transparency and accurately inform on-farm decision-making.

SenseHub™ Poultry’s unique data-driven offer uses wireless sensors to monitor environmental and health parameters paired with analysis to identify areas of improvement in order to drive broiler bird performance and productivity.

How does SenseHub™ Poultry work?

Real-time data is collected reliably through proven IoT hardware

Real-time data is collected reliably through proven IoT hardware

The gateway collates real-time data and shares this information via the cloud application

The gateway collates real-time data and shares this information via the cloud application

Data is displayed visually in the SenseHub® Poultry software with artificial intelligence designed to help provide insights and learnings from the data

Data is displayed in the SenseHub™ Poultry software where artificial intelligence provides insights and learning

Vets interpret the data and communicate the Sense analytics

Vets interpret the data and communicate the insights.

Computer displaying screen data

The SenseHub™ Technology

SenseHub™ Poultry technology can collect and analyse real-time data that is fundamental to bird health, welfare and performance.

This wireless system feeds accurate, live data into an analytics platform which can then be interpreted by specialist vets, nutritionists and other consultants, allowing farmers to make informed decisions on-farm. 

There are a number of benefits this solution can offer including improved bird health and performance, producer benefits and added value consultancy.

Bird health and performance benefits

Bird performance benefits: 

  • Air pressure, humidity, temperature, CO2 levels, weight gain and water intake can be monitored in real-time
  • Live insight can help improve bird performance and efficiency 
  • A whole farm picture can be captured, as multiple factors can be taken into consideration when making health and welfare decisions 
  • Bird performance fluctuations can be identified quickly.

Producer benefits: 

  • The technology is customisable and can be designed to a farm’s exact requirements
  • The data is accurate due to the advanced technology being deployed.
  • Real-time data collection through remote sensor technology removes the risk of human error
  • Reduces the amount of manual data entry required
Producer benefits
Added value consultancy benefits

Added value consultancy benefits: 

  • All recommendations given are based on data driven evidence
  • SenseHub™ Poultry delivers visual results allowing for easy interpretation on-farm 
  • The data is accessible from anywhere in the world 
  • The solution reduces the requirement for non-essential farm visits which is particularly beneficial when disease outbreaks are a concern
  • Vets can quantify their clinical decisions and tailor these to each individual farm or house requirements

The SenseHub™ Poultry solution is reliable, commercially affordable, practical and proven at a farm level.

The SenseHub™ Poultry team has a wealth of experience working in and with the poultry and technology sectors and is ideally placed to bring this new solution to market. Find out more.

SenseHub™ Poultry showcasing real-time data visually

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease in animals.  For the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of disease in animals, you should consult your veterinarian.  The accuracy of the data collected and presented through this product is not intended to match that of medical devices or scientific measurement devices.